Our Management Team

Meet the Payroll Professionals that handle your payroll with the utmost care. At South Florida Payroll and HR we have an excellent group of people on-board that is ready to handle your payroll and HR needs. Check out each of our team member’s history and experience.

Joe Pintimalli


cppJoe Pintimalli, CPP, has over 20 years of experience as an owner or executive in the payroll processing industry.  In fact, Joe’s retained many clients through the entire 25-year period.

He holds the Certified Payroll Professional designation from the American Payroll Association. The Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation is the highest certification attainable by individuals who possess a high level of professional competency through both the acquisition of knowledge and direct payroll experience.

He grew, built and sold one of the most successful payroll services in the Northeast US, and then served as Vice President of Sales for a nationally recognized payroll company.  He then moved to Southern Florida and built our company.

In his career Joe has managed over 300 sales professionals and 4 payroll operations centers. This has given him the unique experience of working in both the sales and service side of the payroll industry at the highest levels. Mr. Pintimalli has assisted over 3000 small businesses in analyzing their payroll and human resource requirements.

The creation of South Florida Payroll enabled Joe to put his vision for the industry into action and create a company that would give customers what is missing in the payroll industry: VALUE. Joe recognized that in the past, most businesses could only choose from the behemoth national companies that focus on bottom line profits rather than customer satisfaction. These big payroll service bureaus grew larger through over-inflated processing fees and endless nickel-and-dime fees.

Joe knew there was a better way to build a payroll service, one that would not include inexperienced and uncaring payroll processors. South Florida Payroll prides itself on providing a high-quality, customer focused payroll service at a very competitive rate.

Ezequiel Garcia

District Sales Manager

Ezequiel Garcia is a District Sales Manager with South Florida Payroll.  He has extensive knowledge in Customer Service from his years as a small business owner. Mr. Garcia is fluent in Spanish and loves to chat with his clients, prospects and friends in his native tongue. Ezequiel “Zeek” excels at providing straight-forward, simple solutions for business owners both large and small.

Zeek is an accomplished martial artist and avid motorcyclist. He also loves to spend time off with his wife and new puppy.

Jessica Jones

District Sales Manager

Jessica Jones is a proud District Sales Manager for South Florida Payroll & HR. Jessica obtained her BA in Communications Studies from York College of Pennsylvania with a specific focus in Public Relations. Jessica is an extremely passionate and outgoing person who always up for a challenge. In her free time she enjoys running, playing rugby, and spending time with her family and friends.  She’s quite an athlete!

Victoria Bispels, FPC

Payroll Specialist

Victoria Bispels, FPC, is an 2015 graduate of FPC_LogoHoly Family University with a BA in Finance.  She already has experience in the banking industry and joined South Florida Payroll in early 2016.  Victoria has earned the Fundamentals of Payroll Certification very early in her customer service career.  This certification is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated a working knowledge of all payroll basics.  In her free time, Victoria loves to relax and spend time with her family.

Kathleen Kitchenman

District Sales Manager

Katie Kitchenman is a proud District Sales Manager for South Florida Payroll & HR. Kathleen has worked with businesses big and small over the years and understands what is important to the success of an operation. She has over 20 years’ experience in the financial arena. MS Kitchenman has seen business from all sides with positions in customer service, sales and management.  As a mother of three, she has fun spending time with her family.

Leonor Nuñez

Tax Manager

Leonor Nuñez has been a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) for many years. Leonor is the  Tax Manager at South Florida Payroll. She began South Florida Payroll with Joe Pintimalli and was instrumental in the growth and success of the business. Prior to working in payroll service bureaus, Leonor was the Director of Payroll for a national company.

Leonor has held just about every operations’ position with our company and now enjoys running the tax department.

Leonor is the proud mother of two and remains dedicated to her family and loves to travel whenever she can.