Payroll Services

Employee Payroll Management System

One of the key functions of your payroll service is to provide you with an employee time and attendance system. In some cases we can help you with timesheet software or time-clock software while in other cases this is not necessary. Another key function is to provide you with a way of tracking deductions for each employee in order to help track employee tax. We provide you with detailed tax reports at the end of each quarter; in addition to each employee’s individual payroll record which shows all tax deductions.

HR Benefits Management Services

Employee management can be a complicated task. Most small businesses cannot afford a dedicated HR manager or provide all the HR services needed for their business. To retain good employees, it’s important to provide a complete package of HR benefits, yet they can be very difficult to track. Through South Florida Payroll, you are able to subscribe to “HR On Demand” to help you navigate the maze of HR issues facing small businesses.

ACA Compliance Monitoring

Calculate Payroll Online

Our team uses an online payroll calculator that incorporates all withholding, benefits and garnishments. This tool allows us to remove human error in our calculations and to accurately compute your payroll tax. At South Florida Payroll, all this work is done for you—you make a few simple entries and we do all the calculations as well as the actual tax payments on your behalf. Call today for a quote: 954-455-6933!