Online Payroll – Go Green

What do we mean by “Go Green with your payroll?”

Traditionally, payroll has been a paper-heavy process. However, with technology that’s available to all of us at a relatively inexpensive cost, we can now offer you a completely paperless payroll, or nearly paperless payroll. The savings in paper is good news for the environment! It’s also more efficient, faster, and your data is safer than having paper reports at your office.


Check Out the Many Benefits When You Choose a Paperless, Green Payroll

  • Online payroll entry is a safe and easy way to manage payroll from your own computer through a secure web browser… eliminating the need to print out or fax paper time sheets to your payroll provider
  • Submit your payroll data according to your schedule… whether it is early in the morning or late at night… through a web-based payroll system
  • Direct deposit is a secure, convenient way to pay your employees… giving them immediate access to their funds on pay day
  • Payroll cards are the new replacement for paper checks… especially for those without bank accounts
  • Online pay statements that can be sent direct to a computer, tablet or smart phone give your employees 24/7 access to their earnings statements and reduce the risk of identity theft
  • Direct deposit, payroll cards and online pay statements mean you never have to make a special trip to your other locations to drop off paychecks. This also eliminates delivery of your payroll checks and documents, reducing your carbon footprint!
  • Using online payroll dramatically reduces your carbon footprint as nobody has to leave their office in order for your payroll to be processed and your employees paid!

As a business owner, you can decide how green you want to go. Choose from a completely paperless solution that includes direct deposit and online pay statements or create your own customized payroll program that includes only the green options you want.